Deposits and Market Fees: In addition to the non-refundable $50 security fee to reserve a space, vendors are also required to pay a sliding scale percentage of their market earnings to Denver Handmade Homemade after each Market. We will give each vendor a Sign-Out Form at the start of each market. Every vendor MUST submit this form at the end of the market, regardless of payment.

The sliding scale is as follows:
Vendors earning less than $200 are not subject to a pay-out
Vendors earning $200 - $400 pay 10% of sales
Vendors earning $401 - $1200 pay 10% of $400 ($40) and 15% for sales beyond $400 (deduct $400 from total earnings, multiply remaining amount by 15%) 
There is a fee-cap of $1200 in earnings
Maximum payout of $160 + security fee of $50 = $210
Example: Vendor makes $950 in total earnings.  They multiply $400 with 10% ($40) and $550 with 15% ($82.50) = $122.50

All food products must be labeled & specified.  If you are producing without a license, please make sure you qualify as a Colorado Cottage Food Producer.  Visit this link to obtain vital information about labeling, packaging and other requirements necessary to sell at HAHO.

Quality: We expect that vendors use the highest quality ingredients/materials possible for their products. It is the responsibility of the vendor to produce their goods in the safest and cleanest environment that will uphold the high quality standards that we are promoting in our local economy. All products must be handmade/homemade. No re-sale items will be allowed in the market.

Bartering: Vendors are by no means required to barter, but in the spirit of the HAHO Market, vendors are encouraged to trade and barter with other vendors or with HAHO patrons that bring bartering items!  

Sales Tax:  It is the responsibility of each vendor to know and apply the amount of sales tax appropriate for their exchanges.  Denver Handmade Homemade will not monitor and is not responsible for sales tax collected or exchanges reported.  

Table Space and Size:  The space allotted to each vendor is roughly 6x6, but due to the shape of the space, deviations to the 36sf square could occur.  A 6 foot wide selling area is guaranteed.

Waste:  We are attempting to get as close to a no-waste event as possible.  If you plan on giving out samples we ask that you try to minimize the waste associated with it as much as you can.  We understand that this may not be completely possible, so if you able to use compostable or recyclable items we would greatly appreciate the effort.  

Set Up: To ensure markets begin smoothly, vendors are required to arrive and set up 2 hours before the start.

Break Down:  We ask that vendors please keep their booth open for the entire duration of the market.  It is the responsibility of each vendor to leave their space as clean as they found it.  At the end of the market, please fill out your Sign Out Form and turn it in along with your payout fees to the information table.  Please be sure to remove all your items; the HAHO is not responsible for items left behind.  If you leave something behind, you can contact us but your item will likely still be at The Spindle.

Unloading and Parking: Please unload from the Street (Yuma) or from the alley behind the building.  After you have found your booth and unloaded, please park your vehicle down the street.

Cancellations: Your security fee is non-refundable.  If you need to cancel, please do so as early as possible, but at least 72 hours before market day so we can find another vendor from the waitlist to take your space.

** These regulations are subject to change at any time. Denver Handmade Homemade maintains the right to refuse any vendor or product.