Apply below to throw your name in the hat for the 2017 HAHO Market season!  Each market will be hosted monthly beginning this summer at HAHO's new incubator and event space, The Spindle, and your application is valid for the entire year.

Your application does not guarantee participation.  We will contact you by email regarding your participation status a month before the market you've been selected for, with details to the show and a link to pay the security fee.

First 1/2 of payment comes in the form of a $50 security fee, requested upon acceptance of your participation.
Second 1/2 of payment collected post-market, by calculating gross profit against a sliding scale.  This protects vendors against the risks of low attendance and inadequate sales.

HAHO Markets are every second Saturday of every month:
July 8th
August 12th
September 9th
October 14th
November 11th
December 9th & 10th

The Spindle @ Battery 970
970 Yuma Street
Denver CO 80204

Either 12-5pm or 4-9pm

If you have any questions, you can contact us at vendors@denverhaho.org. 

*See our Regulations and Policies to learn more about the HAHO Market at the bottom of this application.

Name of Applicant *
Name of Applicant
Please write up a short profile about you and your product (50 words or less). This will be used to highlight your brand, so speak freely, be informative and use third person! Thanks!
What are you hoping to vend at the HAHO market? Please give us helpful details about your product(s). Where are your ingredients/materials from? How do you make your product? We tend to glean social media and Etsy for product pictures, but inform us if there is a better place to look, or e-mail a few photographs to us at vendors@denverhaho.org. You will not be accepted if we cannot view your product!
What do you hope to get out of your HAHO vending experience?
Please include imperative information we will need in order to best accommodate your vending experience. Let us know if you have a broken leg or if your booth requires electricity.
Preferred Months to Participate
Since we are hosting HAHO Markets once a month, we would like to know what months you prefer. Pick no more than 6 months

Denver Handmade Homemade Market Regulations and Policies for All Vendors

Please read throughly and press submit when finished!

-- Deposits and Market Fees: In addition to the non-refundable $50 deposit to reserve a space, vendors are required to pay a sliding scale percentage of their market earnings to the Handmade Homemade Market after each market to cover organizing/operating costs.  

The sliding scale is as follows:
Vendors earning less than $200 are not subject to a pay-out
Vendors earning $201 - $400 pay 10% of sales
Vendors earning $401 - $600 pay 10% up to $400 ($40) and 15% for sales beyond $400 (deduct $400 from total earnings, multiply remaining amount by 15%)
There is a fee-cap at $1200 in earnings -- Maximum payout of $160 + security fee of $50 = $210

Example: Vendor makes $900 in total earnings.  They multiply $400 with 10% ($40) and $500 with 15% ($75) = $115

We will give each vendor a Sign-Out Sheet at the start of each market. We ask that all vendors return this Sign-Out Sheet, along with their market fees to the market organizers at the end of each market.

-- Set Up: To ensure markets begin smoothly, vendors are required to load in, set up and be ready to sell 15 minutes before the time the market begins.

-- Break Down:  We ask that vendors please keep their booth open for the entire duration of the market.  We will provide common trash and recycle bins, but it is the responsibility of each vendor to leave their space as clean as they found it.  At the end of the market, please fill out your Vendor Sign Out Fee sheet, and bring market fees to the welcome table.  If you have questions about how to fill out the sheet, Stephen or a volunteer can help (and have calculators!).  Please be sure to remove all your items; the HAHO is not responsible for items left behind.  If you leave something behind, you can contact us but your item will likely still be at The Spindle.

-- Unloading and Parking: The front of the building will be blocked off for temporary parking for unloading ONLY.  Once you have unloaded your vehicle, please move your car to a far away location to offer room for patrons to park.  You will be able to bring your car back to load it back up after the market.

-- Table Space and Size:  The space allotted to each vendor is a 6 foot selling space with plenty of room to stand and to store inventory.  Please provide your own table and chairs.

-- All Food Products Must Be Labeled & Specified: Please provide as much information as possible about the product you are offering. Labels and signs should include where your ingredients/materials come from and/or how you make your products, instructions for use if applicable, as well as any other information relevant to what you are offering in order to provide detailed and transparent information for our customers.  Reference Colorado’s most recent Cottage Food Laws, giving legality to selling many cottage food products

-- Product and Display Quality: We expect that vendors use the highest quality ingredients possible for their products. It is the responsibility of the vendor to produce their goods in the safest and cleanest environment that will uphold the high quality standards that we are promoting in our local economy. All products must be handmade/homemade. No re-sale items to be sold in the market.

Just like your products, the way you display them is important for your sales and the Market aesthetic too.  Please present you and your business with brand positive sensibility.  Keep trash, personal items and other irrelevant materials inconspicuous.  Please display and label your products clearly and orderly, and harness your creativity for your display structure and layout. Consider creating an experience to keep people at your booth, whether your table is thoroughly decorated, you have samples, a game, or any other idea.  Remember that the way you approach and interact with customers makes a big impact on your sales too.  Trust us, we have years of numbers!

-- INFO Table:  HAHO’s Information Table is located close to the entrance and is the place to find any employee or volunteer for questions, cash and change, and to turn in your Sign-Out Sheet and accompanying payout.

-- Bartering: Vendors are by no means required to barter, but in the spirit of the HAHO Market, vendors are encouraged to trade and barter with other vendors or with HAHO patrons that bring bartering items!  We are also encouraging those who are willing to barter to post a list at the market of things they'd be willing to trade.  Again, this is not required!  

-- Sales Tax:  It is the responsibility of each vendor to know and apply the amount of sales tax appropriate for their exchanges.  The Denver HAHO will not monitor and is not responsible for sales tax collected or exchanges reported.  

-- Waste:  We are attempting to get as close to a no-waste event as possible.  If you plan on giving out samples we ask that you try to minimize the waste associated with it as much as you can.  We understand that this may not be completely possible, so if you able to use compostable or recyclable items we would greatly appreciate the effort.  

-- Cancellations: Your vendor sign-up fee is non-refundable.  If you need to cancel, please do so as early as possible, but at least 72 hours before market day so we can find another vendor from the waitlist to take your space.


** These regulations are subject to change at any time. The HAHO Market maintains the right to refuse any vendor or product.