Looking to just pop-in for a day? 





Apply below for your chance to be a part of the first generation of HAHO's Vendorship Program, dedicated to providing resources at below-market rates and hosting a space to work, in order to help strengthen the handmade businesses of Denver.

Being a part of the first generation means that you will be included in vital decision-making about what should be featured in the incubator and to help fine-tune resources provided by the Vendorship Program.  How cool is that??

If you are in an industry that deals with noxious fumes, uses big and highly specialized equipment, or needing a long time for your product to cure, dry, or set, please include this information in the appropriate fields within the application.  Denver Handmade Homemade may not be able to accept you as a participant if certain aspects of your business practices don't mesh with the current operational structure of the craft co-working space.

This application is only for the craft workspace membership and is separate from the kitchen membership.  

Name *
What types of products will you be producing in the space?
Include information about time taken for full production of each product type, use of specialized machinery or equipment, amount of space needed for full production, and note info about excessive sound or other possible intrusions we may need to know if sharing the space with others
Give your answer in hours per week
When do you expect to be working at the space in any given day? *
Each day can be different, but give us your best guess on what time(s) you would visit The Spindle on any given day during the week. Select more than one answer if applicable but keep your answer to 3 or less time slots.
This means putting away your materials before leaving and cleaning your work area. Being conscious of other member's spaces, materials and tools. Working with others and helping to maintain a positive and productive space that everyone can appreciate.
Check which resources you would like to take advantage of the most during your membership term. *
These are in place now, more to be added. Only choose up to 4 options.
What elements of the co-working space will you be taking advantage of the most?
These are in place now, more to be added. Only choose up to 4 options.